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Case 47-2018: Major Deepak Rao & Paramilitary group “Tao Zen Dojo” & Academy of Combat Fitness & UCCA Commando Combat Academy  & ICS Fight Club Institute of Combat Studies


On Friday, 16 de November de 2018 10:09, 三宝興隆会・事務局 <> wrote:


Dear Ma’am/Sir,

Concerning your mail on Nov. 7, 2018, we answer as follows:

A Mr. Deepak Rao became a member of our Zen group in 2016, but his membership is not valid now. Furthermore, he has never been acknowledged to be a “(Zen) master” by us under any circumstances.

Sincerely yours,

Secretary General of Sanbo-Zen

Minoru Maruta




Thursday, 29 de November de 2018 8:37
M.A. Ashram <>


Hi H.E. Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha,
As far as our group is concerned, we do not know of this name Deepak Rao as a Zen Master . Kindly refer to the official Sanbo-Zen website where the list of legitimate teachers/masters are publicly listed.
Thank you.
Palms joined,
MA Ashram


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