Evidences from Case Buddhist Pali Education and Research Trust

Name of Institution: Buddhist Pali Education And Research Trust (R)

Name of Individual Representative:  Er.Ravi.Bevinagidad (Pabbajjoravitipalivijjamuniyo)

October 2020,

Re: Dear pabbajjoravitipalivijjamuniyo


Truth is always poison. 

Truth is always enemy of life.

Truth is always hated by others.

 Truth is always tongue of Liers. 

Earning self is always develops self respect. 

Depending on others is a sin of life living under owe of others untill his death.

I love the work with truth and honest with silapalana to earn my bread without owe of others.

Namo Buddhaya

Namo Dhammaya


It is not misconduct and I always go with the nature of six elements







taught by my grand parents and parents these are rules that are followed by us and palayanapalibhasampathima




Nathibhaya nathibandhana nathiphanssa



Jayamangalaho sabbanang

Sadhu sadhu amannitva mamang vjjhalaya ng .


I have seen non Buddhists in your maha sangh who have no perfect vinaya and silas even I am seventh generation Buddhist family called Chalavadika which you can see these words in Tipitaka. I am belonged to the family of Chalavadika having 24 turns of cloth evening meal before sunset and morning meal before 9.30am since seventh generations keeping it present now also.

Many of words you are using dharma karma vidya  sudra etcs oftenly I have heard but these are not words of Buddhadhamma. There was no Sangh in Buddhadhamma in the time of Lord Buddha and ever not found this Sangh word in pali and pala sasanas of originals.

Your sangh is of non Buddhists I reject your sangh and ever not respect non buddhist monks and non Buddhist literatures.

Namo Buddhaya

Namo Dhammaya

Namo Lokaya

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